Gianni Giosue

A journal of my trip to the areas affected by the Tsunami which hit the North Eastern coast of Japan on March 11, 2011.

Each journey involves traveling in time and space. Moreover each journey originates a journey within ourselves. We meet people, we think about what they say. We consider how life is working and why we exist. I see the crumbs then try to follow and understand them. For me every time I travel my senses are on full alert, I tend to be very receptive and responsive. Every time I have the chance to discover something new about me and others.

We are only humans, we have our ancient fears, we have modern fears. We respond to what society tells us to do then finally we find freedom in being ourselves. The moment I understood fully that it was ok to be just myself I became a happier person. Each of us is unique in his own way, none of us is wrong. Just different.

The challenges of covering the events following the Japan Tsunami taught me many things. First of all reminded me of the beauty of people. Somebody who prepares some food for you even if you did not ask. Somebody who gives you a lift in his car, shares his time with you and buys you a can of coffee to make you feel better. These are some of the things that makes my heart rush, my spirit soar and make me feel emotions so strong that they are barely contained within the walls of my chest.

People are wonderful, some of them speak different languages or express themselves in a different way. Donʼt be confused by their words. Try to listen with your heart rather than with your ears. I learned to listen to their eyes and their sighs. I learned to slow down and appreciate the flutter of a butterflyʼs wings.

I stayed mostly on my own and followed my heart rather than worrying about the economics. I was not there to make photos for the front page. I did not want one single strong image. I wanted a story, so I had to listen to it first. This story for the time being needs more chapters, so please enjoy my first paragraphs.